What game has a joker, combinations with a joker

The joker is familiar to almost every connoisseur of card games, but despite this, many people wonder why the joker is the strongest card, what its role and where it is used.

The Joker is known to most card game lovers, but still many people wonder what game uses the Joker, and what its key meaning is. Details about it, as well as all the details that the players need to know, are provided below.

Map of the Joker: meaning in the game, history of origin

Most often, the joker appears in poker. When a gambling game has just formed, this card was taken as an auxiliary element (its other name “wild”) and added to the general deck gradually. If the player received the joker, it was possible to change it to any other card from the deck to achieve a certain combination.

What game has a joker, combinations with a joker

Today, the joker refers to each card with a specific dignity. For example, in a drone poker they call everything that has the dignity of a common type and gives up in the open. Often the two belong to a given card. If a card requires two jokers, then use two black suit / jack (spades and worms).

There are several options for the origin of the joker. One version says that it was taken from a deck of fortunetelling cards Tarot. The deck has an image of a court jester, but such a deck appeared back in the early Middle Ages, and the joker was used in the late 19th century.

The second version tells us that the joker – a distorted name of the German game Juker, which has a similar card that can take different values and is considered to be the older.

Joker rules in cards: American poker, poker with joker

What do the jokers on the cards mean? American poker is played against the croupier and starts with the participants paying an ante and giving five cards to each gambler, including the dealer, and one of them is given to the opener. Gamers then place their bets or drop the cards depending on the combination received. Some varieties of “Americana” allow for a paid change of a certain number of cards. The joker can replace any face value and suit in the game to get the winning combination.

What game has a joker, combinations with a joker

In some types of poker, it enhances the combination of cards, for example, if it complements a pair, the combination already consists of two pairs.

Joker Poker, whose rules almost 100% meet Caribbean Poker standards, also provides for an initial ante bet, a five-card hand to the player and a dealer. The last card is given to the dealer in the open. The gameplay between the participant and the dealer involves the replacement of one to five cards until one of the cards is successfully combined. The card Joker, its value can become any card. It is important to emphasize that the combination with the joker will be weaker than a similar combination made without it.

Poker is the most famous card game where the joker is used


When the game first appeared, this card was taken as an additional element (sometimes called “wild”), added to the general deck not immediately. If the player received it, it would be possible to replace it with another card from the deck (it could be any card), and this would provide the necessary combinations.

What game has a joker, combinations with a joker

Nowadays, each card is assigned to it with a certain dignity. For example, in a droo poker, everything that has the dignity of a common type is taken as a joker and passed to the public.

It’s not uncommon for a double to belong to this card. When you need two jokers for the gameplay, then use the two black suit or jack spades and worms.

About winning combinations

It changes a lot with them, because this map essentially converts the value of some combinations. In particular:

  • Using a two increases the chance of getting a three, while the chance to collect a flash will be less than a car;
  • if a player has one of any Pairs and he has that card, he can collect a set;
  • the chance of losing pairs becomes less likely;
  • if the game is played for no more than six people, the set will collect the most frequently.

Why is the Joker the strongest card in the deck: Substitution combinations

Before playing cards with the joker, you need to determine what will happen to the combination ligaments in which it will be used. There are two options:

  • The evaluation of combinations with it is the same as evaluation of combinations without it. That is, the card performs the replacement of any other card.
  • Combination with the joker is weaker than combination without it. If combinations of two participants have such cards, the combination with fewer cards will have more advantage.

The power of combinations

What game has a joker, combinations with a joker

When the joker is involved, it is necessary to decide before the game starts what will happen to the combination ligaments in which it consists. There are two options:

  • The evaluation of combinations with it is equivalent to evaluation of combinations without it. In this option, the card simply replaces any other card;
  • the combination with the joker is weaker than the combination without it. That is, if two people have such cards in their combinations, the combination with the joker is weaker than the combination without it.

In addition, players should also decide which cards the joker can replace. One of two options is possible:

  • Only cards that are missing from the person;
  • replacement by cards that are already in human possession is allowed;
  • Usually a variant is used where the Joker can replace any card other than that which is already in human hands. This avoids the evaluation of questionable combinations that may arise.

How to evaluate a flash with multiple aces

A very controversial point that can also arise during a gameplay in which the joker is involved. Therefore, the strength of this combination is worth talking about before the game.

Now you know which game the joker is in and what it means. Using this information, you can use this card correctly.

Which game uses the joker card, in addition to poker

The role of the joker in card games is completely different. As a rule, a colored joker is rated higher than a black and white one. In card games, the joker performs a key task:

  • The joker is an ancient club card game.
  • Joker solitaire is a kind of solitaire.
  • Poker with a joker is a bank game.
  • Missed Joker is a card game which is in demand in Japan.

What do you need a joker in a card game for?

What game has a joker, combinations with a joker

The answer to the question of what the joker is for in-game cards is that it is mainly a substitute for another card. There are situations when a colored joker replaces any card of worms/ tambourines, and black and white replaces a peak/trift. But there are exceptions. For example, in poker it may be allowed to replace an ace or a card needed to make flash or straight. In some variations of poker there is a possibility to introduce a card for getting so-called “five identical” or just “poker”. Example: four aces and a joker are valued higher than Royal Flash, and are considered the strongest combination.

The joker also brings variety to Texas Hold’em, adding interesting types to the list of standard games. Poker with a joker makes the gameplay more unpredictable, and therefore more spicy and entertaining. It allows one participant to get a high advantage over the others, which is quite difficult to read even the most experienced gemblers. The card also expands the number of winning combinations when compared to poker, where it is absent.

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